Brain Cancer

Brain cancer is a severe illness, and rates are increasing every year in the United States and most of the world. Around 79,000 people are diagnosed every year in the US and around 17,000 of those will lose their lives to it Millions of dollars are being spent researching the causes and trying to find new treatments for this disease. The causes and treatment of brain cancer are widespread, and there are many factors which determine the source of the problem.

Brain cancer can either arise from brain cells themselves or can be spread from cancer growing in other organs in the body.

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Initial symptoms and warning signs can include weakness, difficulty walking, seizures, and headaches. Other symptoms can also include nausea, vomiting, vertigo, and dizziness. If advanced you can have loss of motor skills and cognitive function. To get properly diagnosed you need to have a CT scan of the brain to check for unusual structures
inside the cranium.

Although it’s hard to pinpoint exactly why cancer starts growing, there are many known reasons that can definitively lead to the abnormal cell growth. The most common and most researched are:

  • Genetics
  • HIV Infection •
  • Cigarette Smoking
  • Toxins (Petrochemicals, Artificial preservatives, e.t.c.)

Understanding where the disease originated from is a good step in deciphering the code in which the cure is hidden.

Surgery and therapies

The most common treatment for malignant brain cancer is surgery to remove the abnormal formation of cells followed by an array of therapies such as radiation. There are many cases of “Inoperable” brain tumors which can not be removed because they are too close to a vital part of the brain and the risk of causing irreparable damage is too big. In these cases, they can try aggressive radiation or chemotherapy. Between all the types of malignant brain cancer, the survival rate averages out to about 35%.

Use of electric fields

New technologies are being often invented for the treatment of brain tumors. A new breakthrough machine that uses alternating electric fields with rays that are placed on the scalp can disturb the cells division process and keep them from spreading.

The rates are increasing every year, and it’s obvious that the central cause of this epidemic is the prolific use of chemicals and non-natural substances in our daily lives. Pollutants in the air caused by factories and motor vehicles are a severe health risk as well These chemicals damage our cells and cause them to create the cancer cells.