Gardening Tips – Organic Pest Control Methods

For a fact, pest control plays a significant role in any garden. Chemical pest control refers to those methods that use pesticides to get rid of pests. Unfortunately, use of chemicals can be detrimental to human health and other beneficial organisms in your garden. The harm associated with chemical methods explains why the concept of organic farming is increasingly becoming popular. That said, this article looks at the measures employed in pest control, based on the idea of organic gardening/farming.

Preventive pest control

One way of dealing with pests is by preventing pest cASxczsdczdxinfestation. You can achieve this by preparing your garden adequately. Remove weeds, use organic matter to enrich the soil, remove any debris that might attract the pests. Well, this and many preventing measures might curb pest infestation in some way. Since they cannot rule out the possibility of pest infestation, you also need to embrace organic pest control methods to get rid of pests.

Organic pest control methods

Predatory insects

Organic farming or garden methods use biological pest control methods. One way of doing this is by using predatory insects. Ideally, these insects feed on the pests you want to get rid of. There are two ways one can have predatory insects in their gardens. You can grow some plants that are known to attract them or buy them from garden stores.

Cultural methods

This control method removes both the pest and the affected plant. Some plants attract certain pests. As such, once the pests gather around or on these plants, they are removed and destroyed. You can have such plants in your garden to deter pest attacks on your garden.

Beneficial nematodes

aSaSDScANematodes are some specific roundworms that are considered parasitic on humans, animals, and plants. As such, nematodes parasitic to insects are used in organic gardening for obvious reasons. Beneficial nematodes have some bacteria that breaks down once the pest ingests it. Once ingested, the special bacterium in them destroys the internal organs of these parasites, thus killing them.

Besides these three options, there is also the possibility of preparing some homemade pesticides. Learn more about organic pest control methods and their suitability to specific crops. In case you have no idea on how to go about this, you can reach out someone with relevant information to guide you on this.