Golf Travel Packages

A golf vacation can be expensive if you don’t plan and take advantage of the golf vacation packages. Detailed budgeting will be so helpful and by doing your research will also help. In using the golf travel packages, you might be surprised of how much you can save. If you don’t do planning, you will be shocked when it comes to paying the bill because of how expensive it will be.

General information

ghghghghnbcxzwqThe best golf packages will include the type of room given, how many people in one package, and the extras that you will experience with the package. The extras will include the rounds of golf per day, a car, and the discounts to shop around. Also, check if they are restrictions on when you are allowed to play the vacation will not be fun if you have to follow a schedule. Some of the golf vacation packages include;

The unlimited golf package

The unlimited golf package will be for two people. The package will include accommodation and full breakfast for the time you will be there. You are given a chance to choose if you want the buffet or the Bistro 65 breakfast. The only thing this package does not offer is the alcoholic beverage. The package will give you a car park facilities, and you will receive tour logo golf balls.

Hole in one golf package

A player will only get one chance to play with this package. If you want to go for another round, you are supposed to pay a cart fee. The package will include other services like the unlimited range ball, practice gears, a buffet of breakfast every morning and a storage bag.

The three and five days unlimited golf package

The packages will have a different price range. You will pay $299 if alone and $499 for the couples for the three days one. The five days package if you are alone then you pay $399 and if you are a couple $699. For you to qualify as a couple, you must share one room, and this offer cannot be used by siblings, parents, and friends.

Champion package

hghghghghbncxWith this package, you will get a luxurious room, with balcony and full breakfast. The champion package offers other feature like the five golf courses, and this is perfect for any player. The package will include one round daily. But if you want the championship course you can always get it over a surcharge.