How To Carry Yourself At A Funeral

It is so sad to note that funerals these days have become so commercialized that we have forgotten what it is all about. As much as we loved them so much that we just want to give them a decent send-off, we tend to overdo it and find that the term ‘last respect’ has lost its meaning. Worse still, in most cases, it is all about us and what we want, not what our late relatives would have wanted. And if it you have lost your loved, then you need smooth send off. grtyujytbr

Discovering What Others Need At A Funeral

Here’s how things are supposed to be done at a funeral, let’s make it more about the ones that have been directly affected and forget about ourselves and our selfish interests. For instance, the spouse and children happen to be the most affected by the tragic ordeal that has just befallen them and so the least we can do is be there for them in every way. I have heard it said that the best way to offer your condolences is by offering your presence and being totally quiet. Also, give them a listening ear in case they are in the mood to talk about how they feel. This is the only way you’ll discover what someone else, besides you, might need during the tough times.

How To Conduct Yourself At A Funeral

5656ujuhytgBeing in the presence of people with tear-moistened faces is not exactly a pleasant atmosphere, but there are ways in which you can make it bearable for everyone. There is something you can do that is sure to make that much-needed difference around that place. Readily offer your services whenever you are called upon. At this time, the deceased’s residence is normally very packed to capacity with friends that come to condole with the family. This is the time to make your presence very resourceful by making them something to eat and drink. They may not thank you right now, but you will be surprised at the many thank you notes that will fill your desk at work when you resume your duties at the office.

Don’t involve yourself especially in sensitive matters such as the clothes in which the body will be dressed. Wait until your opinions regarding certain issues are sought.

Don’t speak unless you are spoken to. This will save you the embarrassment and torture you’ll have to go through when you say something you know you shouldn’t.

Lessons Learned At A Funeral

  • Life is short. You must make every day count until the day people will be attending your funeral.
  • A little bit of patience goes a long way. Patience is needed now more than ever especially with the constant tearing up even after wasting your breath trying to assure everyone that everything will be okay. Eventually, they will come to understand what you’ve been trying to say.
  • One good turn deserves another. By being there for those that need you, you are sowing seeds on the fertile ground, and at the right time, you shall reap a bounty harvest.