Pregnancy Tests

Gone are the days when the determination on whether you were pregnant or not had to be done at a medical facility. Nowadays, you can tell whether you are pregnant or not just from your home. You only need to conduct a urine test, and the writing will be on the wall. You need to do everything right to ensure the results are accurate. This is usually all about the timing and quality of procedure used. Here are some points that will see you get accurate results when doing a pregnancy test at home.

Pregnancy test tips

Get the right kit


There are different brands of pregnancy kits. Therefore, when shopping for a kit, you need to visit website for a trusted brand. It goes without saying that a brand with lots of positive reviews provides high chances of giving you accurate results. However, having the best kits is not enough, you also need to have the test done in the right way.

Test with morning urine

It is prudent to have a pregnancy test done with the first-morning urine. As much as urine is urine, the sample collected in the morning has been proven to hive high concentration of human growth hormones (HCG). High concentration of these and other elements in actually what makes it perfect for pregnancy tests. However, if you happen to forget, you can wait for a few hours and do the test later on.

Follow the instructions

Though the use of pregnancy test kits is almost universal, not all women know how to use them. Interestingly, as much as they are easy to use you will also realize that some people also end up making some avoidable mistakes. To avoid erroneous results, read the instructions and use the kit in the right manner. Any mistake can ruin the accuracy of the test.

Set a timer

AdcASdcADThe results from pregnancy kits are not instant. Different kits have different wait times. As such, you need to be aware of the time, after which you can set your time. The idea behind using the timer is to ensure you get the best results. If the instructions explicitly require you to wait for five minutes. Do exactly that.

Pregnancy tests are done for different reasons. Irrespective of why you might be doing this test, you need to follow instructions and do everything right. This way, you will be assured of accurate results. You also avoid eliminating the need to conduct a couple of tests, which might be expensive and time-consuming.