Top Five Must Have Handy Tools

There are some handy tools that every homeowner need to have. These handy tools will help you do minor repairs at home without necessarily involving a professional builder or plumber, which can sometimes be quite expensive. These tools are relatively cheap but very essential. Visit handyman point to get cool ideas and DIY hacks on some things you can make using these tools. The following are the top five must-have handy tools that every homeowner needs to have at any time.

Tools you should always have near

Adjustable Wrenchjbsdkjvbskjdbvjkabskdvjbaskjdbvkjsadvasdv

An adjustable wrench has very many important applications at home. For instance, you will need one it to assemble and tighten all types of appliances, swing sets, and plumbing fixtures. There are several brand and sizes of adjustable wrenches on the market, but it advisable to buy different sizes. This is because certain tasks may require an adjustable wrench with a shorter handle, while some others may require one with a longer handle.

A Set of pliers

No homeowner can do without a set of pliers. It has so many applications around the home such that you may find it quite difficult to do any minor repairs without it. A set of pliers comes in handy when it comes to straightening power –cord plugs that become bent, slicing wiring, and replacing old showerheads, as well as many other tasks that require a good grip. Ideally, always but sets of pliers that includes side –cutting, tongue, and glove; slip – joint, as well as needle-nose.


A hammer is another crucial handy tool that is a must-have for every home. A hammer is a very versatile handy tool with so many applications around the home. For all minor repairs and other small tasks in your home, you need to have a smooth –faced claw hammer. For instance, it is very useful when it comes to driving nails into walls whenever you want to hang pictures or murals; building a house for your birds; pulling out nails which become bent in the course of your work; as well as fixing ready-to –assemble furniture, among other tasks.

The best type of hammer should ideally have a long, sturdy handle and light also light in weight.


This tool comes in handy whenever you need to carry out repairs in dark, cramped spaces, as well as when you have no power. Several different types of flashlights are available on the market. You can choose to buy a rechargeable flashlight or one that uses batteries. However, rechargeable flashlights are better since you can leave them plugged in a while working in a dark place. This means you can’t run out of power while carrying out your repairs. The problem with battery-operated flashlights is that they can run out of power, thus interrupting your work.

Utility Knife

A utility knife is another essentialkksavdjasbvkjasdkvkasdkvjbsadvasdvsadv hand tool that you need to have at home. It is vital when it comes to opening boxes, shaving wood, sharpening pencils, as well as marking mortises, cutting paint around windows, as well as trimming the edges of carpets, among other uses. An ideal utility knife should have a comfortable, rubber-covered handle as well as built-in blade storage.